Every system should have at least one person, a systems administrator, in charge of system maintenance and operation. It is the responsibility of system administrators to ensure the smooth operation of the system and to perform a wide variety of tasks that require special privileges. In most cases, it makes sense for companies to outsource this function. Among other things, a system administrator is responsible for:

Bringing the system up and down for maintenance

  •     Making certain that adequate backups (regular copies of files on the system) are made and stored for future use
  •     Handling problems related to use of limited computer resources (disk space, number of processes, and so on)
  •     Alleviating system communication (network) stoppages due to failed connections
  •     Applying operating system updates and maintenance fixes
  •     Providing general support to users

Ven Soft, LLC Business Consultants possess a strong understanding of Windows NT/2000, MS-SQL, Oracle database technologies as well as end user applications. In the Linux world, our consultants are familiar with Linux system administration tools: COAS, Linuxconf, Webmin and YaST. Ven Soft, LLC systems administrators are skilled at the many technologies available to manage, monitor, and improve the system.