Every system should have at least one person, a systems administrator, in charge of system maintenance and operation. It is the responsibility of system administrators to ensure the smooth operation of the system and to perform a wide variety of tasks that require special privileges. In most cases, it makes sense for companies to outsource this function. Among other things, a system administrator is responsible for:

Bringing the system up and down for maintenance

  •     Making certain that adequate backups (regular copies of files on the system) are made and stored for future use
  •     Handling problems related to use of limited computer resources (disk space, number of processes, and so on)
  •     Alleviating system communication (network) stoppages due to failed connections
  •     Applying operating system updates and maintenance fixes
  •     Providing general support to users

Ven Soft, LLC Business Consultants possess a strong understanding of Windows NT/2000, MS-SQL, Oracle database technologies as well as end user applications. In the Linux world, our consultants are familiar with Linux system administration tools: COAS, Linuxconf, Webmin and YaST. Ven Soft, LLC systems administrators are skilled at the many technologies available to manage, monitor, and improve the system.

Our Expertise

We have the best breed of Business Consultants who expertise in the following areas:
  • Application Development
  • Application Services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Configuration Management
  • Database
  • Data Warehousing
  • Internet
  • Legacy
  • Middleware
  • System Administration
  • Supply Chain Tools
  • Testing Tools
  • UNIX Administration

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